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How to Boil your Kettle Properly

This may seem like a silly subject because most of us have boiled a kettle thousands of times especially being Tea Lovers, but it is important to know how to boil a lovely cup of tea while knowing we have done our bit to help the environment at the same time. Let's go through some facts...
Did you know that ⅓ of the emissions from a cup of tea is in the customer's use?
This is because boiling your kettle takes a lot of energy (0.031 kwh or 0.15kg of CO2!)
The Energy Saving Trust calculated that if we all filled the kettle with the right amount of energy we could save enough power to light up half the street lights in the country!

There are 2 key ways you can help reduce the environmental impact of your cuppa:

  1. Don’t overfill your kettle.
  2. Switch to a green energy supplier that uses 100% renewable energy.
Accidentally filling the kettle with too much water is a habit built up over a lifetime and often is a subconscious action.

How to help break a habit

We love a good cuppa tea but let's break bad habits together with our top tips. Try them all and see which one works for you! 

  • Try and get a kettle that has the cups measured on the side.
  • Fill up your cup then add this to the kettle.
  • Boiling water for only 1 or 2 cups is the danger zone, and this is when we often overfill. If you’re having a solo cup or a one with a friend be mindful.

So, Brewbirds, are you feeling up to the challenge? Help save the planet by taking part in the UK Tea and Infusions Association's #SmartBoil campaign. Show us how your brew on Instagram and use the #JustWhatYouNeedWay. 

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