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The Carbon Footprint of your Cuppa

If you’re already a Bird & Blend Tea convert then here’s your reason to grab another cup… but if you're still a coffee addict (or have a friend who is) then here’s a reason to switch your coffee for a tea.

According to data from a study by the Oxford University...

tea verses coffee statistics

So great news - tea really does have a much lower carbon footprint compared to other beverages and food! 

This is all according to the BBC food climate change food calculator and research conducted by Poore and Nemecek in 2018 at Oxford University, where they assessed land, fresh water use across production, processing, packaging and transportation of different food products.

Did you know that most of the carbon footprint in tea is from the kettle boiling? 

☕ Make sure you only put as much water as you need for your cups in the kettle.
🐄 Also consider using alternative milks. 
Because, did you know using cow’s milk in your cuppa adds...
🌳 229kg of greenhouse gases to your tea’s annual carbon footprint.
Which is equivalent to…
🚗 Driving 585 miles or 🏠 heating your home for 36 days!
It also requires..
🎾 2 tennis courts of land and 🚿 94 hours of showers!

Pop into one of our stores to learn more about which blends go great without milk. 
To read more about how to make your tea greener... without the green tea click here.

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