Strawberry Lemonade Ice Lollies

Strawberry Lemonade Tea Ice Lollies

It's that time of the year where heatwaves appear out of nowhere, you get caught out by the sweltering heat and you long for an ice cool treat!
Well, we are here to help you get prepared for whatever the weather throws at you!
Using one of our favourite blends of fruit tea Strawberry Lemonade, we've created a very easy recipe to make some truly scrumptious ice lollies! (YUM!)

What you will need:

  • 675ml water
  • 1 Perfect Teaspoon of a sweetener of your choice, we used agave syrup (or more if you want it sweeter!)
  • 6 disposable or paper cups 
  • 6 lolly stick holders
  • A jug

What to do:

  1. Make the Strawberry Lemonade tea with 6 Perfect Teaspoons and the hot water in your jug, then brew for 4 minutes.
  2. Strain and put in the fridge until cool. In stores and at home, we use our Brewdini gravity steeper - the best, no-fuss teapot. You can't get a better loose leaf brewer - in our humble opinion!
  3. Once your tea has cooled, add the sweetener. You can taste it at this point to see if you'd like it sweeter.
  4. Pour the tea evenly into 6 cups and place into the freezer. You will need to add your lolly sticks in when the tea is nearly set (so keep an eye out for when they are nearly fully frozen then gently push them into the middle of the lolly.
  5. Leave for a few hours to fully set, or overnight.
  6. Pop your lollies out by either leaving them out of freezer for 10 minutes and squeezing the cup, or alternatively dip each cup into some hot water then wiggle them out!
  7. Sit back in the sun, relax and enjoy!

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