Strawberry & Nutella Pancakes Mega Latte

Decadent and delicious, this flippin' perfect brew is topped with lashings of whipped cream, succulent fresh strawberries and drizzles of moreish chocolate sauce. Served in our stores for Pancake Day, follow this recipe to create this dreamy drink at home...

Strawberry & Nutella Pancakes Mega Latte



    1. First, get 2 Perfect Tea Spoons of your Strawberry & Nutella Pancakes tea and brew as normal with 100° water for 4 minutes in your Brewdini
    2. Once your tea has brewed, pour it into your mug and set to the side for a minute.
    3. Gently heat your milk and use your Handheld Milk Foamer to froth your milk - then pour it over your tea and make sure you get a lovely big dollop of foam on top!
    4. Now you can add a pump of Strawberry Syrup and give it a stir.
    5. Top your mega latte with a swirl of whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a handful of strawberries for something sweet.
    6. Enjoy!


    If you don't fancy making this drink at home, head into your local Bird & Blend store to pick up an indulgent mega latte!

    You can also try this with our Blueberry Pancakes Tea, swap the strawberry syrup with cinnamon, and change the strawberries for fresh blueberries! 

    Or if you want a more chocolatey tea hit, then check out our selection of Chocolate Teas.

    Share your creations with by tagging us @birdandblendtea 

    Maddie Candle

    Maddie Candle

    Hi, I’m Maddie (She/They) our Content Marketing Lead! I’m a cosplayer who loves sustainable fashion & reading! My fave tea is Campfires & Vampires, especially cold brewed with Lemonade. You’ll find me on the blog here & there giving updates, talking about fun releases, or just generally enjoying the magical world of tea!

    For this recipe you will need:

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