Earl Grey Creme Tea Latte

Earl Grey Creme Tea Latte

Creamy and succulent! Your favourite brew transformed into an indulgent latte, also known as a London Fog!

Learn how to make one of our favourite in-store drinks, the Earl Grey Creme latte! Follow along to our super popular instore recipe below that will blow your mind with every sip! It really is as delicious as it sounds.

Earl Grey Creme Latte

Follow along to our super simple recipe!

 What you will need

What to do:

  1. First, get 2 Perfect Tea Spoons of your Earl Grey Creme and brew with boiled water as you normally would in a teapot or infuser (We find our Brewdini Gravity Steeper works perfectly as its mess free!)
  2.  Brew for 4 minutes 
  3. Now depending if you want your latte refreshingly iced or steamed hot follow along below!
  4.  For a hot latte: While your tea is brewing, gently heat and froth your milk! If you don't have fancy steamer at home, you can heat the milk up gradually on a stove in a pan and whisk it!  Once the timer has beeped, add your chosen sweetener into your steaming jug  and pour that milk over your tea consistently stirring. Make sure you get a lovely big dollop of foam on top! Enjoy!
  5. For an iced latte: Get your ice ready by popping it into a shaker! Once the timer has beeped, add the concentrate into the shaker along with the sweetener of your choice, shake shake shake! Then pour contents into a glass and top up with cold milk. Enjoy!


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