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The Tea Wall - The UK's Best 100 Tea Blends

Experienced the magic of our Tea Wall yet? We have over 100 different award winning teas in our collection to choose from. Get exploring in store or online & find a new favourite flavour! The Tea Wall is broken down into 8 tea types, so whether you’re looking for a traditional Black Tea, a Matcha, or a Chai perhaps, we have something for everyone.

Caffeinated Tea Wall


Black Tea = Black Label

earl grey creme loose leaf tea tin

When Black Tea comes to mind, you may automatically think of a builder's brew or a British cuppa. Did you know that it is the most common tea variety, making up 90% of tea consumed in the Western world and rapidly catching up with green tea consumption in the rest of the world? What you may not know, is just how interesting and diverse this blend truly is. Black Tea is made with the oxidised and withered tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant which gives it a natural boost of caffeine. This section of the wall has loads of traditional blends such as Great British Cuppa, but also has some weird and wonderful blends like Monkey Chops! Our Black teas all have black labels making them super easy to spot! Want to know more about black tea? Click here!

Oolong Tea = Blue Label

coconut milk oolong loose leaf tea tin

Oolong is a type of tea that sits between a Black Tea and a Green Tea, both in terms of strength, brewing methods & processing methods too. Although there are hundreds of types of Oolong, we love Milk Oolong which has smooth & creamy flavour notes. PLUS all oolongs are great for your gut! You’ll find delicious Oolongs on our Tea Wall such as Peppermint Cream and Mascarpone & Sour Cherry! If you want to read more about Oolong click here!

Green Tea = Green Label

mojitea loose leaf tea tin

These blends are plucked from the same plant as Black Tea leaves, the Camellia Sinensis, so also contain caffeine! However, Green Teas are lower in caffeine than Black Tea and also full of antioxidants due to the way they are processed. You’ll find delicious fan-faves in this section from Sencha Green Teas such as our magical colour changing Blue Raspberry to our Ba Bao Cha inspired Chinese Treasures which has traditional earthy flavour notes. 

White Tea = White Label

cherry bakewell loose leaf tea tin

White Teas are the youngest leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, therefore contain a smaller dose of slow release caffeine and are the least processed of the teas so often contain significantly more nutrients per cup than your regular builders brew! They are always enjoyed without milk & their delicate flavour & aroma suits lighter blending ingredients such as jasmine, rose & mint. You’ll find deliciously light blends in this category such as Nearly Nirvana and Cherry Bakewell!

Yerba Mate = Yellow Label

morning kick loose leaf tea tin

Yerba Mate is an indigenous South American plant used to make a refreshing and light tea with a vegetal twist. Yerba Mate can be enjoyed hot or cold, but always without milk. Yerba Mate is known as a brain booster because of its stimulating properties, similar to the caffeine in regular tea, which helps with concentration & energy levels. Traditionally Yerba Mate is drunk using a Gourd and a Bombilla, read more about this here. If this sounds like your cup of tea (pun always intended) then why not start your Yerba Mate journey with our fan-fave blend Morning Kick?

Decaffeinated or Caffeine-free Tea Wall

Over the years more and more people have been asking us for caffeine-free teas and with the largest selection of naturally caffeine free tea in the UK we are sure we have something for everyone!

Fruit Tea = Orange Label

eton mess loose leaf tea tin

Fruit tea is slightly different from other types of tea because - well - it's technically not tea! We call it "tea" for convenience, but Fruit Tea is not from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) at all! It's simply dried fruits, sometimes with spices or flowers and herbs added, the fancy name for this is a tisane. These blends are perfect to experiment with, especially in Cold Brew season! You’ll find some really refreshing blends in this section such as our classic Strawberry Lemonade

Herbal Tea = Pink Label

cold weather warrior loose leaf tea tin

Herbal tea is the perfect caffeine-free brew to help you relax and unwind! Our tea wall has a great range of flavoursome loose leaf herbal teas for you to try! Herbal teas are also known as tisanes! They often contain many relaxing herbs such as Chamomile, Mint and Rose! You’ll find some really dreamy bedtime blends in this section perfect for getting cosy, such as Dozy Girl and Deckchair Dreaming

Rooibos Tea = Red Label

mint choc rooibos loose leaf tea tin

Rooibos (otherwise known as Redbush tea or Red Tea) is a naturally caffeine-free tea originating from South Africa. It is made from an African bush plant and is a great alternative for those who want to avoid or limit their caffeine intake. This tea is very versatile, suits most flavour preferences & is great with or without milk! On our Tea Wall you’ll find some fab Rooibos replacements for Black Teas and delicious flavours to enjoy with or without milk, such as Gingerbread Chai and Rooibos Breakfast Cuppa!

Our ‘Off The Wall’

Sticky Chai 

sticky chai blend

Our famous Sticky Chai recipe (the first in the UK!) is made in small batches, using freshly ground spices and wildflower honey. We have an ever growing range of Sticky Chai including some limited editions you might see popping up. The best chai always comes from using the freshest ingredients, that’s why we blend and grind fresh spices to create a richer, more delicious chai! All our Sticky Chai blends contain fresh Wildflower Honey and so are not suitable for vegans. We have a range of Sticky Chai's, some caffeinated such as our classic Sticky Chai and some caffeine-free like our Gingerbread Sticky Chai made using our award-winning, fan-fave Gingerbread Chai Rooibos blend.


ice cream matcha

Did you know that we hold the largest collection of flavoured Matchas in the UK! All of our Matcha powders use our Pure Grade Japanese Matcha as their base ingredient so you will still get all of the goodness of a Matcha, just with extra flavour (and if you don’t want that extra flavour we still have our Pure Grade Matcha)!

Matcha is made using ground Green Tea leaves which means that the powder mixes into the water when brewed. One serving of Matcha is actually the equivalent of 10 cups of Green Tea! Matcha contains the equivalent caffeine content of a double espresso! However, the caffeine is slow release which makes it the perfect replacement for anyone wanting to wean off coffee!  It keeps you feeling energised for longer, with a sustained level of alertness. Matcha can boost energy, cognitive function, and alertness without giving you those caffeine jitters! You can find delicious flavours in our collection such as Super Blueberry and Salted Caramel, that can be enjoyed with or without milk with plenty of room for experimentation!

We know that Matcha can seem a bit intimidating at first, so why not pop in store for a demo on how to make a delicious matcha drink and some inspiration on all the different ways to add Matcha to your lifestyle. 

putting together bird and blends brand new tea wall

Thank you for joining us on this expedition through our Tea Wall, you now know all about our different tea types & blends. So you can conquer the Tea Wall in person at your local B&B store or experience the mighty wall digitally on our website. Let us know what new teas you’re most excited to try!

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