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Better With Every Brew | What is Oolong Tea?

Learn why we love Oolong tea & why it gets better with every brew!

What Is Oolong Tea?

Oolong is a type of tea that sits between a green and a black tea, both in terms of strength, brewing methods & processing methods too. Although there are hundreds of types of oolong, they are usually fairly creamy or grassy but with honey or earthy notes. Plus all oolong teas can be great for your gut too!

Some of our blends contain Milk Oolong, which is grown exclusively in the Taiwanese mountains, giving it the uniquely creamy (but dairy-free) taste! We also love to use Chinese Oolong which gives the blends a much fresher, more tea-like flavour. 

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What are Oolong Tea Benefits?

Oolong teas are partly oxidised (green teas do not oxidise & black teas are 'fully' oxidised) so they have enough caffeine to activate the gut, but are also packed full of polyphenols & antioxidants which can help fight off the bad stuff! 

Better With Every Brew!

Oolong blends are the largest leaves of the tea plant & are rolled up to keep the good stuff (& flavour) in! There is an old proverb which says the first brew is for your enemy & the last brew is for you! This is because most Oolong drinkers believe that the first brew is the worst, and the flavour gets better with each consecutive brew; but we love each and every brew for the different levels of flavour! You can brew Oolong up to 7 times, making it delicious, good for you & economical too. 

What Are Our Oolong Tea Blends?

Milk Oolong Chai is a returning limited edition Oolong blend, this one has your classic chai ingredients with a dash cocoa to keep it sweet & a pinch of chilli just to keep things spicy! 

You must try our ulTEAmate creamy Oolong blend Peppermint Cream! It's won a great taste award & we can see why! It's jam packed with Milk Oolong and cocoa shells making it super creamy & the peppermint helps aid digestion, so it really has it all! 


These are not all of our Oolong blends though! So what are you waiting for, get brewing & it won't be t'oolong before you become Oolong masters too!  

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