what is black tea

What is Black Tea?

Here at Bird & Blend Tea Co. we love our black teas so much we have created over 20 different flavoured blends!

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What is black tea?

When black tea comes to mind, you may automatically think of a builder's brew or a British cuppa. Did you know that it is the most common tea variety, making up 90% of tea consumed in the Western world and rapidly catching up with green tea consumption in the rest of the world? What you may not know, is just how interesting and diverse this blend truly is.
Black teas are the most processed, going through rolling, oxidising, and drying stages. When the tea leaves are exposed to oxygen they turn black in colour (much like a cut-open apple) as well as developing a stronger flavour and aroma compounds that gives black tea the depth of flavour we know and love. 
Black teas are nearly always produced on a large scale using automated machinery and go through all of the processing stages. Black teas can either be whole leaf or are cut up to expose more of the leaf's surface area to the oxidisation process - this creates the strong black tea taste which is most commonly enjoyed with milk by Western tea drinkers. 

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What are the benefits of black tea?

A top question from our Teabirds is, is black tea good for you?
Tea in general has played a big part in supporting people's health and well-being in many cultures across the world for thousands of years.
A cup of tea is more than 95% water so it can help you stay hydrated, which boosts both mental and physical functions. 
Specifically to black tea, though, if you drink a high quantity of black tea it can actually stain your teeth, however the fluoride content will help you strength your teeth and reduce bacteria in your mouth. 

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How much caffeine is in black tea?

Firstly, what is caffeine? Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in tea, the levels of which vary depending on where the tea is grown and how it is processed. Generally speaking, more processed teas contain higher levels of caffeine but this is not always so.
Black tea has a medium amount of caffeine. The recommended maximum dose of caffeine a day is equivalent to 10 cups of tea, compared to coffee which is 4 cups a day. A small amount of caffeine is completely safe and it can boost energy and allow for better cognitive function.

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How to brew the best cuppa?

Our Tea Mixologists recommend brewing your cup of black tea at 100°C for a brewing time of 4 minutes. You can make your tea with or without milk, but a cuppa of black tea most commonly has a dash of milk in it. Why not check out our recipes page to learn how to make your black tea into a brew-tiful tea latte and other ideas for your tea blend?  
What's your favourite black tea blend? Let us know on socials or comment below.

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