A glass jar of Sticky Chai tea

The UK's First Sticky Chai!

Taking tea innovation to the next level, Bird & Blend Tea Co. presents to you... Sticky Chai! Our award-winning Sticky Chai has been hand-blended in small batches using award-winning whole leaf Assam tea, freshly ground spices and raw honey.

Chief Mixologist Krisi says: “I first tried Sticky Chai in a little cafe in Melbourne, Australia a few years ago & immediately knew I wanted to bring it to the UK. Six months of testing (in my kitchen, that became increasingly sticky!) later & we launched the UK's first Sticky Chai. I honestly don't think there is a chai taste quite like it - the flavour from the freshly ground spices locked in with our Raw Wildflower Honey all handcrafted with love - it’s sublime!” Flash forward and we're proud to be the first company to launch a sticky chai product in the UK.

We've got some extra special Limited Edition blends too… we are soon bringing you for Christmas ready-made cosy vibes are our Gingerbread Sticky Chai and Mulled Cider Sticky Chai’s, perfect for a night on the sofa, cuddling up with your loved ones.

What is Chai?

An Indian family tradition, Masala Chai or ‘spiced tea’ is a sweet but spiced black tea brewed in milk. The recipe is personal to each family, originally put together with spices from Grandma’s cupboard and passed down through the generations.

The best chai is always made from spices that have been freshly ground or chopped as the flavour, aroma and benefits are at their most potent. However, taking the time to prepare an authentic chai can pose a problem when trying to fit it into your busy daily routine.

What’s so special about Sticky Chai?

When making our Sticky Chai we do all the hard work for you, blending and grinding fresh spices and even mixing in fresh ginger root for the most authentic chai experience. We then blend with our delicious Wildflower Honey raw honey for added sweetness. Honey is nature’s preserver so it captures all the flavour and goodness of the spice mix and locks it in ready for you to brew at a later date!

What to do:

Heat two heaped tsp of sticky chai in one cup of milk (any milk will work) on the stove, stirring whilst it heats up. Or pop in the microwave for 2 mins- be careful not to burn! Use an infuser or sieve to strain your tea into your favourite mug! Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg or cocoa powder & enjoy.

You can also brew in hot water (like normal tea!) and add hot or cold milk afterwards, for a slightly lighter taste.


Watch Our Sticky Chai Video

Cold Brew Sticky Chai

Our Sticky Chai isn't only perfect for a cold day. The cold brew version is just as delicious.

Check out the recipe so you're not caught short when the temperature begins to rise.

Explore the UK's largest chai collection

Our Sticky Chai is just a snapshot of what Bird & Blend Tea Co. has to offer. Be sure to check out our full chai range to see what else takes your fancy.

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