Tea Infused Cocktail

How To Make Tea Infused Cocktails

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Have you ever wondered how you can infuse tea into your drinks cupboard? The humble tea blend can do so many things! From tea infused rums, gins, vodkas & all of your other favourite spirits- you can actually infuse tea into all of them!

Elevate your next dinner parTEA & wow your friends with this easy method of brewing exciting booze-y beverages! 


How To Infuse Tea Into Spirits

Infusing tea into spirits is easier than it sounds. We use one of our handy Cold Brew Bottles which filters the tea out as you pour, so less mess & washing up for you! You can also use the bottles to cold brew tea in lots of other liquids from water to milk! Just take a look at our blog on Cold Brew Tea For Beginners



  1.  Add 6-7 Perfect Tea Spoons (depends on desired strength) of your chosen tea blend to your Cold Brew Tea Bottle.
  2. Add your chosen spirit!
  3. Wait 12-48 hours depending on desired depth of flavour.
  4. Pop it in a cocktail, top it up with tonic or sip it straight & get ready to blow your guests socks off! 

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