What is blue tea

What is Blue Tea?

What is butterfly pea flower tea?

Butterfly pea flower is the flower of the clitoria ternatea plant, commonly known as blue pea or butterfly pea. The bright blue flower is used as a natural colouring in many recipes, as it is one of the most vivid blue colours to exist naturally anywhere in nature.

Butterfly pea flower tea, also known as blue tea, is the hot drink made from steeping the dried blue pea flowers in water. It is naturally caffeine free and tastes floral, with a hint of earthiness- as well as being bright blue in colour!

Bird & Blend have a butterfly pea flower tea blend, which is a blend of blue pea flowers, green tea leaves and freshly dried raspberries, which bring a slightly sweeter, fruity taste to the blue tea.

Benefits of butterfly pea flower

Blue teas, like our Blue Raspberry tea and Mermaid Matcha, not only taste great but have been used in holistic medicine for hundreds of years. Let’s look at butterfly pea flower’s health benefits:

• Blue tea flowers are full of antioxidants

• It has been said that blue tea can prevent premature aging of your skin.

• It has been reported that it has anti-inflammatory properties.

• It is said to be good for people suffering with fatigue.

• People have said that they have found it to have pain relieving properties.

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