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Is Fruit Tea Healthy? | Is it good for you?

We often get asked about our teas, but a question that keeps popping up is 'Is Fruit Tea Healthy?'. So, we thought we'd address it in this blog post and give you the answer! 

So Is Fruit Tea Good For You?

Fruit tea is slightly different from other types of tea because - well - it's not tea. We call it "tea" for convenience, but fruit tea is not from the tea plant (camellia sinensis) at all! Its simply dried fruits, sometimes with spices or flowers and herbs added, the fancy name for this is a tisane. It's certainly good for you in many ways unless lots of sugar is added, which isn't necessary! Sadly low-quality tea can have lots of added rubbish which only takes you away from the natural flavour, leaving nothing but a sweet, bland taste. (yuck!)

If a fruit tea is prepared right, it should be naturally sweet and fruity, full of flavour. Dried fruit stewed in water has been consumed for centuries, it can be very refreshing and energy-boosting. Fruit tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is amazing for cleansing the body of toxins and keeping the immune system strong. In that aspect, it's very similar to tea leaves, still having high levels of health benefits.

Sadly, fruit tea has a bad reputation these days due to the blends you can find in supermarkets having zero flavour time and time again. Luckily here at Bird & Blend, we are duty bound to amend its reputation with our wide range of gorgeous and flavoursome fruit blends, varied and completely natural! Even our "flavouring" you can occasionally see on our ingredients list, is simply an extraction from the fruit itself. We like to keep it all-natural, just to prove how easy it is to get great fruit tea. 

Because fruit tea isn't "tea", one of its great assets is it's naturally caffeine-free! So it's great if you're going caffeine-free or want a soothing brew before bed! 

With summer coming, or if you like something fresh all year-round, fruit tea is great iced or as a cold brew tea. It's refreshing and energising! Try our Eton Mess blend, which is massive TEAm fave, reminding us of the delicious creamy dessert when cold brewed in coconut milk (yum!).

Check out our blog post 'How Do you Make Cold Brew Tea?' for more information about how to make a cold brew tea and how to make an iced tea! 

Is Fruit Tea Healthy? | Is it good for you?

What Are The Best Fruit Teas?

At Bird & Blend, we have a great selection of fruit teas but there is definitely a fan fave in the collection! Strawberry Lemonade is our best selling and award-winning fruit tea. It's blended with real strawberry chunks and zesty lemon peel and tastes just as good as it smells! Or take a look at all our fruit teas.


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