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Zero Emissions Deliveries in London? Yes Please!

Calling all London Teabirds, we have some exciting news for you!

If you live in London (i.e. within the M25) your Bird & Blend Tea will now be delivered with 0 emissions! 🎉

We have partnered with an exciting innovative company called Hived

♻ How does Hived work?Hived delivery

They collect your items from our B&B HQ, The Nest in Worthing, with an electric vehicle and then use cargo bikes or push bikes to deliver straight to your front door.

So it's not just the last mile, it's the whole journey. You can track your tea delivery, just like your favourite take away, using their app too…
As well as sending updates, notes, and information about changing your delivery to them too. It's as easy as that! 

♻ Eco savings!

Delivering all our packages in London using zero emissions partners will save 500 kg CO2 as a business. Equivalent to 38,533 cups of tea (worked out from kWh from boiling the kettle). 

♻ Why do we need zero emissions delivery in cities?

Air pollution in London causes 40,000 premature deaths a year. Delivering all of our packages via Hived, could save the NHS approx £350 a year due to reduction of pollution (according to Xero-e data).
In 2019, in Greater London, the equivalent of between 3,600 to 4,100 deaths were estimated to be attributable to air pollution, considering that health effects exist even at very low levels. This calculation is for deaths from all causes including respiratory, lung cancer and cardiovascular deaths.
Recent research has shown that small increases in air pollution are linked to significant rises in depression and anxiety. It has also linked dirty air to increased suicides and indicated that growing up in polluted places increases the risk of mental disorders. Other research has found that air pollution causes a “huge” reduction in intelligence and is linked to dementia. A global review in 2019 concluded that air pollution may be damaging every organ in the human body.

Things we can do to help:

  • If you’re not happy with your item, you can always send it back to us free of charge.
  • One of the most eco friendly ways to shop is to go to your local store, less individual deliveries reduces emissions. Also an added bonus is that you can spend more time with your excellent TEAm of Tea Mixologists.
  • If you know you may send you item back, please avoid ordering online or speak to our Customer Experience TEAm who can help you find the right item. This creates more traffic, emissions & pollution. 

Why we're excited about your partnership with Hived...

Another perk about our Hived partners is that all their drivers are in a contract and paid a living wage.

About our other delivery partners

Royal Mail have been voted one of the most environmentally friendly delivery partners. This is because it has one of the largest ‘feet on the street’ network. It has also invested in 295 EV vehicles for its fleet.

DPD is our delivery partner for next day deliveries. They are a carbon neutral company, and they have invested in e-bikes and electric vehicles.

What's next for reducing the emission related to your tea deliveries?

  • We’re looking to expand our zero emission offering to more cities.
  • We’re exploring ways to optimise our international shipping.
So watch this space... 👀
Image sourced from Hived

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