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ChariTEA Sleep Out Bird & Blend x End Youth Homelessness

On 12th November, we’re hosting our own virtual Sleep Out at B&B & in our stores across the country, to aid our ChariTEA partner of the Quarter. 

End Youth Homelessness is a national movement of 11 member charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together. EYH charities help more than 30,000 young people a year by providing a home, helping them secure jobs and start independent futures. Each EYH charity works in its own way to meet the needs of local young people; all sharing a belief in giving homeless young people the opportunity to turn their lives around; build high aspirations and move on to successful and independent lives.

By helping young people out of homelessness today, we can stop them becoming the rough sleepers of tomorrow and break the cycle of homelessness for good.

charity of the quarter end youth homelessness sleep out to help out in stores

So what is Sleep Out?

We’re asking our TEAm members & our communiTEA to swap their bed for somewhere new. That could be a sofa, under the dining room table, your garden, your balcony, your office car park (with permission) – the choice is yours. 

Yes it may not be the most comfortable night, and yes, you may not get a good night’s sleep, but we promise that every single person taking part and raising money will make a difference to the lives of homeless young people throughout the UK.

The Sleep Out is not intended to replicate the experience of being homeless, it would be impossible to recreate the fear, loneliness and discomfort of not having a safe place to call home. Sleep Out does, however, provide a small glimpse into this reality. Spending a night away from your bed, whether you choose to do so outside or somewhere else within your home will likely leave you feeling uncomfortable and tired. You realise how hard it is to go to work and manage your life even when, ultimately, you know you’re safe; a luxury homeless young people do not have.

The safety of participants is our top priority and we do not encourage supporters to do anything that puts their welfare at risk, like a true ‘rough sleeping’ experience would. Likewise, we have a duty to the young people we support to change this reality for them and a huge part of achieving this is raising the necessary funds and awareness to get them the support they need.

I want to Sleep Out! What do I do next?

End Youth Homelessness have got some amazing resources for how to run your Sleep Out fundraising event here

Everything from suggested Sleep Out locations, such as your work or even your own bathtub, to suggested social posts so you can promote your fundraiser in the best way possible! There is even a checklist of essentials to bring with you to your Sleep Out- don’t forget your blankets & doggy bowl for your furry Sleep Out friends! You can also find more information & sign up to your own Just Giving page here.

On the night check out EYH's Instagram for live messages, bingo, games & quizzes, midnight snack ideas and cook-a-longs and even a bedtime tale to help you get to sleep!

sleep out to help out end youth homelessness charity

I can’t Sleep Out but I want to help!

If you can’t host or join a Sleep Out, we understand! If you’d still like to support the fantastic work that End Youth Homelessness is doing then you can donate to the cause here, by visiting one of our stores to donate, or by getting your hands on some of our ChariTEA blend of the Quarter, Mocha Chai

We’ve combined three of our all-time favourite beverages combined in this malty black tea blend – chocolate, coffee and chai. Real chocolate drops, heaps of warming spices and whole coffee beans balance brilliantly in this Autumn chai, especially good with milk!

All profits made from this blend will be donated to End Youth Homelessness, so grab yours & do some good today!

We hope you'll get involved in Sleep Out, if you do - we'd absolutely love you to get involved by recording a video telling us why you're joining Sleep Out, where in the world your Sleep Out is & what your plans are on the night!

Don't forget to tag us on social media too @birdandblendtea and @eyh_uk #sleepouttoeyh

See you there!

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