The Snowperson

Join The Snowperson on a magical adventure through the snowy Peppermint Hot Cocoa forest to find a warm & cosy home! 

The Snowperson & friends...

Whether you want to keep The Snowperson for yourself, hang our Tea Bomb baubles on the tree, whip up the mega-lattes to keep you cosy or gift them to your loved ones, there is a Snowperson (or friend) for you! Our Snowperson & Friends gifting range was made in collaboration with our friends at Sweetopia, The Marshmallowist and Only Coco. Support your local indie makers this Christmas & put a smile on their faces too!

Our TEAm takes you behind the scenes on the making of The Snowperson!

Discover the making of The Snowperson

The Snowperson

The star of our film... Bring your very own Snowperson home!

Christmas Pudding Tea Bomb

Christmas isn't complete without our tea-filled classic pudding!

Bauble Tea Bomb

Forget candy canes! Hang these tea bombs up on your tree to bring the magic home!

Gingerbread Chai Mega-Latte

Say 'Hello' to Han & Greta, our Gingerbread Mega-Latte folks!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Bring a piece of the Peppermint Hot Cocoa forest home!

Snowball Mega-Latte

Our Snowperson's marshmallow-ey cousin! Vegan & fluffy as a cloud.

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