Flying the Nest...

Flying the Nest... from our old Warehouse to our new one!

Teabirds, we’ve recently moved out of our old Nest & into our new Nest! Right at the beginning of our journey into finding our first home there were 11 people: 2 Back of House, 4 Office and 5 in the 1 store… 

Today there are 24 in Back Of House, 20 in our Office & 63 in our 12 Stores. Here is a little blog about how our Teabird family & home has grown! 

We were based at our old Nest for 6 long & lovely years... We moved in & called it home in June 2015, just after our 1st (very fun) Glastonbury Festival! At first, we just had one unit, it was a pretty huge room (to the TEAm at the time) which we decided to split up and add in a mezzanine, to make more use of the space but also because who doesn’t love a mezzanine? 


Flying the Nest.. from our old Warehouse to our new one!


It was pretty much just cement & tin roofing at first, but we managed to run our entire business out of there. One half was our office, where we’d take orders, speak to customers & come up with all of our wild creative ideas! One half was our packing & processing- which was basically just one big L shaped bench! One side of the L would start the order & weigh up every tea individually then pass it on down like a conveyor belt where it would be packed up ready to be sent on its way. 

After a little while of business being good, our fulfilment TEAm decided to boot out the creatives into an office across the hall. This created extra space to pack up all of our magical orders & gave our creatives space to think! However, it did mean that Eve from the B&B Office TEAm spent a lot of time sprinting to & from each unit giving order updates! Eve definitely got those steps in- for sure, but then realised… We should probably get a phone! 

Over the years, we managed to expand & take over many more units in our Nest. This was super exciting because it meant our little tea business was growing & that meant that people were really loving us! But even with all those extra units we still couldn’t spread our bluebird wings as wide as we needed to! We eventually grew big enough that we needed to find a whole new Nest, which was larger so it could fit in more Teabirds & pack more orders full of happiness! 


Flying the Nest.. from our old Warehouse to our new one!


We now have a giant fulfilment space & production has a room all of its own. Not only were we looking for a bigger space, but we also wanted to create a Nest where we could have a shop & cafe space for our TEAm to enjoy & hang out but also for all of the communiTEA too! 

Our new Nest really is about our Teabirds… From Mike’s solar panels (which he’s very passionate about), to our meeting rooms featuring a massive TV where we can play N64, to our roof garden where we’ll be planting vegetables & flowers; save the bees! We asked our TEAm what they wanted as this is their new home from home...

Did I mention our amazing production TEAm demanded we also have a giant disco ball hanging in the middle of our huge warehouse space? It doesn’t look very big from the ground but it’s actually huge in real life & who doesn’t love to parTEA?!


Flying the Nest.. from our old Warehouse to our new one!


It is off to a good start & we are feeling right at home! In our first month at the new Nest we produced 66325 amazing products, which included 113,158 tea bags, 2,636,67kg of loose tea, 480g Sticky Chai, 54.375kg Matcha… impressive right?

We can’t wait for what our new home has in store for us & we hope you can come see the new Nest soon!

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