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What is Golden Milk? (Turmeric milk)

The first of its kind!

For those of you who haven’t heard about the health kick drink taking over the internet, let me introduce you to the traditional Indian turmeric-based, sweet yet fiery Golden Milk!

While people in Asia have been enjoying the renowned health benefits of turmeric for centuries, we are only just beginning to realise the potential of this wonder spice and harness its natural goodness in tasty ways.

To make it easy for you to enjoy Golden Milk, our expert Tea Mixologists have created a Turmeric Tea Powder Mix, so that all you have to do is add a Perfect Matcha Teaspoon to a cup of coconut milk, heat + add Raw Honey to taste! Simples! Check out our Golden Milk Recipe here.

(…Oh, and did we mention you can also add cocoa powder for a cup of naughty goodness? Yeah, we went there!)


1. What is Golden Milk?

A spiced, chai-like tea known as Golden Milk is made by mixing turmeric with coconut milk and sweetening with raw honey. Then a selection of super spices are added including cinnamon, ginger and black pepper - which increases your ability to absorb the turmeric.

Heating this all together until the mixture turns “golden” is what gives the brew its name. While there are many variations of Golden Milk recipes, the one thing they all share is their lack of caffeine or artificial sugar, making “turmeric lattes”, Golden Milk, the ideal healthy alternative to coffee or hot chocolate, while providing the warming sweetness of a chai and all the health benefits of tea!

Golden Milk is traditionally consumed at bedtime - being an equally effective alternative to warm milk in terms of soothing you to sleep, while covertly providing an overnight detox. As Tea Mixologists, this concoction is right up our alley, only we thought of a way to make it even better, Bird & Blend style! So we’ve used our award winning Rooibos Tea Powder for an even more rejuvenating cuppa.

Being naturally caffeine-free, our Rooibos Tea Powder won’t affect the soothing nature of this recipe, but instead contributes a medley of additional health benefits to the mix while complimenting the malty, sweet-yet-spicy flavour perfectly! In addition, both turmeric and rooibos are stellar for your skin (and coincidentally, the condition of your hair too), so it truly seems Golden Milk and Rooibos Tea Powder were made for each other!

matcha golden milk tea latte

2. Why is turmeric so good for you?

As a close relative of ginger, it’s hardly surprising that turmeric is similarly known for its ability to aid digestion, sooth a sore throat and ward off the common cold. But did you know that turmeric is also full of health-boosting antioxidants that support the immune system, contributing to wound-healing and has also been known to contribute to the prevention + treatment of many cancers and even alzheimer’s? It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Not to mention its effective anti-inflammatory properties, which make it ideal for those suffering from arthritis or simply that horrible achy, puffy feeling at the end of the daily grind! So now that we’ve established how wonderful this majestic orange spice is, it’s no wonder health aficionados around the globe are mixing it with a whole host of other yummy ingredients to make it into the perfect delectable drink, Golden Milk.

3. How to make golden milk?

We have a handy recipe here!


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