How to clean a Brewdini

How to clean your Brewdini

Every now and then we get requests, questions, or some super helpful tips from our Teabirds and we noticed there was a big trend in ways to keep your beauTEAful Brewdini sparkling clean and methods on removing stains.

So we have made a quick step by step video on natural ways to remove tea stains and turmeric marks, as well as give your Brewdini a general scrub up.

How to clean your Brewdini:

  1. To dismantle your Brewdini, pop off the lid.
  2. Take out the mesh strainer.
  3. Pop off the bottom off - this bit can be a little bit difficult so give it a good wiggle.
  4. You can then pop it in the dishwasher.

For stain removal:

  1. Pop the bottom pressure plate back on.
  2. Add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.
  3. Top it up with hot soapy water, you can also give it a bit of a scrub and let it steep for a while then rinse out.

This is really handy for if you've been brewing strong teas, or teas with turmeric and things that might stain the body of the Brewdini

Once clean, pop all the pieces back together, then your Brewdini is ready to go once again.

Give your teaware a little bit of TLC, after all, it is the heart and soul of making the perfect cuppa! 

Got any tips of your own? Be sure to tag us @birdandblendtea, we love hearing from you!


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