You’re Bloomin Lovely! A Celebration of All Kinds of Mum

The next few days can be a tough time for many, so heads up that this post & video does reference Mother’s Day as part of a celebration of all caring figures.

Over the past week or so, our communiTEA have been sharing stories of all the amazing mother figures in their lives. From the amazing woman who raised you, to pet parents, plant mums, single dads & step mums, there are so many ways to be a caring, nurturing figure.

We believe they all deserve to be celebrated! Enjoy this celebration of all kinds of bloomin’ lovely mother figures - and to all the mamas out there, we raise our cuppas to you!


Sophie Spray

Sophie Spray

Hi, I’m Sophie, our Creative Marketing Manager. Believe it or not, my first word was tea! My years as a Tea Mixologist deepened my knowledge into the world of tea, from tea types & benefits to recipes - I live, breathe & sip tea!

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