The Queen of Spades x Bird & Blend Tea Co. - a Honey Bee Beautiful garden!

The Queen of Spades x Bird & Blend Tea Co. - a Honey Bee Beautiful garden!

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'Root’ yourself for a moment of calm and explore the wonderful world of plants in the ‘Queen of Spades’ garden, a beautiful and thoughtfully designed apothecary garden, focusing on the therapeutic benefits of nature & sustainability, with a contemporary twist. 

Hampton Court Garden Design


Bird & Blend Tea Co. is sponsoring employee Emily Gow & Co-Designer Pheobe Givron-Taylor's TEAriffic garden, which is one of thirteen plots at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show from the 5th-11th July. The garden is inspired by the now discontinued vegan rooibos-based tea blend, Honey Bee Beautiful, a delicate tea blend with natural flowers and herbs known for their relaxation and wellness properties. The sweet honey notes come from honeybush, along with chamomile, nettle leaves, cornflowers & calendula petals, key features of the garden design itself.


Honey Bee Beautiful


Nettles & dandelions are actually an essential part of the vital habitat for wildlife & hold many therapeutic and ecological properties. Yet these lovely shrubs are widely considered to be weeds, despite being essential for pollinators & butterflies to lay their eggs, which is why Emily felt it was imperative to include these often overlooked plants within the design of her garden! 

It is also said that the nettle plant is high in polyphenols, these helpful compounds may aid the body in preventing and managing chronic diseases related to inflammation, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease. You can learn more about the benefits of nettle tea here.


Emily Gow


We'll be joining Emily & Phoebe at their 'The Queen of Spades' plot throughout the Flower Show (5th - 11th July) handing out Honey Bee Beautiful the inspiration behind the garden to guests, giving them a little piece of the garden to take home. A truly sensorial experience garden that is kind to nature & your wellbeing! 

Click here to get your hands on tickets & to learn more about the Flower Show! 

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Will How
Will How

Hi Can you tell me where the garden is at Hampton Court Flower show
As I can’t find Plot 555 on the show guide plan

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