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Our Black Friday ChariTEA Wishlist


We promised you we would be doing Black Friday a little differently Teabirds....This year helping to End Youth Homelessness is the only thing on our Black Friday Wishlist! 

A message from our Co-founder Krisi: 

‘Hopefully it won’t come as a surprise to our community that having a huge Black Friday Sale doesn’t really align with our ethics. That is why over the busiest sales weekend of our year you won't see us shouting loudly about discounts, sale & slashed prices, instead we've decided to use our platform to shout about the fantastic work our ChariTEA of the Quarter, End Youth Homelessness, is doing instead.

We’ve focused on delivering the easiest way for you to join us in our support for this awesome cause by adding a simple donation to our website, that is the equivalent to just one cup of tea. Our combined donations will help the charity deliver vital essentials that a young person may need  to help them through a tough day, from warm drinks to 1:1 counselling sessions, ‘move-on’ packs full of the essentials they need to get back on their feet & clothes to wear to interviews.

Love & Tea, Krisi’ 

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A little about the ChariTEA:

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End Youth Homelessness is a UK-wide movement of local charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together. It provides a national platform to raise awareness, share experiences and generate voluntary income.

The impact of COVID-19 has put young people’s futures at threat, and a surge in youth homelessness is expected. With 16-24’s being the worst hit group financially, it’s crucial they get the support they need.

The funds they raise help our members to increase their capacities, services and sustainability in extremely challenging times. Our member charities house and support over 40,000 young people facing homelessness. 

110,000 young people faced homelessness last year. End Youth Homelessness is a national movement of local youth homelessness charities, working to put an end to this once and for all.”

Below we’ve added a ‘Our Black Friday ChariTEA Wishlist’, this is what each £2.50 donation could contribute towards for a young person in need. We hope that by lots of you donating just one cup of tea, we can make a real difference to people's lives and help End Youth Homelessness together. See the list below for what different amounts could provide.

end youth homlessness black friday charity wishlist

Our Black Friday ChariTEA Wishlist

  • £2.50 - could provide a cup of tea to a person in need of warming up.
  • £5 - could buy a bus ticket that would mean a young person can make their appointments, classes and interviews without the worry of how they will get there.
  • £10 - could buy books for a young person to use for their college course.
  • £15 - could provide a young person with essentials for their new home like a set of kitchen cutlery or glasses.
  • £20 - could provide a young person with an hour of support from a dedicated Housing Worker.
  • £25 - could provide a young person with clothes for an interview or to wear to work.
  • £30 - could fund a Mediation session which allows a young person to build family relationships and stay at home safely.
  • £50 - could provide a young person with an hour of 1:1 counselling or therapeutic support.
  • £75 - could help buy a new passport for a young person to use as ID.
  • £120 - could buy a ‘move-on’ pack of household essentials, such as a toaster, kettle etc to help a young person successfully move on to independent living.

You can also find some of ‘End Youth Homelessness’ awesome merch online too! EYH’s T-shirt campaigns with Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) and Jelly London enable customers to support their work, while owning an original design. Get yours here.

end youth homelessness black friday charity wishlist clothing

 *The entire amount of your donation will be passed to the charity, with B&B covering any extra costs such as transaction fees. 


Dr Rebekah Gronowski
Dr Rebekah Gronowski

I fully approve of your initiative!! Well done!

So-called “Black Friday” is just a gimmick for greed!

Good luck Bluebirds!

Ann King
Ann King

I got my tea last week so I don’t need anymore yet. Can I donate without a tea order?
Love Ann x

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