Our Best Review Ever | A story of Earl's Paradise tea

Our Best Review Ever | A story of Earl's Paradise tea

Possibly our best review ever?

We thought we'd share with you potentially the best customer review we've ever received. 

Let Teabird @danveradc take you on one mystical journey, through the world of Earl's Paradise! Our bergamot black tea blend full of fruity twists and secrets! 

So grab yourself your fave brew, snuggle down in a cosy spot, and let yourself be transported!

(Please note that this blend is no longer available)

A story of Earls Paradise...

"Wow. Somehow after drinking Earl's Paradise, the standard Earl Grey feels as if it's missing something. Imagine Earl Grey as a person. A somewhat stuffy, formidable gent you meet at a party in some big mansion.

You've tagged along with a friend to this party and the Earl is the host. It's his mansion. And while he makes an impression when you first meet him, you figure you have him pegged after a few minutes. He's formal. Inherited his title and his fortune. You know what he's all about.

More guests arrive and before you know it the house is full and the music's gotten louder. As the evening continues you run into him a few times. He's had a few drinks. Later you hear him laughing from the other room. You notice he's unbuttoned his stiff collar. He's smiling. Later he's taken off his jacket and you spy incredibly intricate tattoos beneath his rolled-up shirt sleeves. He just seems way more interesting than you first figured. Before you know it he's wearing this extraordinary feather boa and you can't take your eyes off of him! He's like some exotic bird that suddenly flew in through an open window. And that boa he's wearing! Not some cheap party-supply feather boa, but some technicolor extravagant family heirloom-- a feather boa made from some endangered bird species some 19th century great-great-great ancestor collected in Borneo or Manaus for the British Museum. But the Earl, being a more convivial modern type, has painstakingly recreated this one from the original using artificial plumage (not that you'd know by eye). It's still spectacular. You can't imagine all these colours.

Anyway, all of this has combined to leave you agog. You're like, ""Wow! Who is this guy?!? What happened to to the old stiff upper lip Earl Grey?"" And that's when you understand. There's a reason Earl Grey can feel solid but reserved. He has responsibilities, traditions he has to maintain. But he's lived a full life and he's full of stories. And occasionally, in rare evenings like this, the feather boa comes out, and he's a different beast altogether. And the stories come out. He's not trying to impress. He just has good memories and he's a VERY GOOD storyteller.

So you listen. And it's like a novel's opened up and started reading itself aloud. THIS Earl Grey palled around with Bowie back in the late 60s, was a regular at Warhol's Factory, later palled around with the exiled Caetano and Gil in London, before he moved West to roadie for Joni Mitchell, just to be NEAR Joni Mitchell. Then the recording studios in Antigua and later Machu Picchu, producing the Talking Heads, Ney Matogrosso, King Sunny Adé, and so many other friends, the stories unfold, flowing seamlessly into one another, all making for a really magical night.

THIS is what Earl's Paradise Tea tastes like. I mean one whiff and you have those great Earl Grey notes. But here they're swirled in with great floral and near tropical notes. Standard Earl Grey feels rather subdued. Still good. But not quite...Paradise."

The end


Earls Paradise tea

Wow what a story eh Teabirds! Have you ever had a thought or an idea whilst sipping one of our tea blends? We would LOVE to know!

Now excuse us while we pop on the kettle, Earl's Paradise is calling our names!

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