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Charitea of the quarter: Pelican Parcels


We choose a new ChariTEA (Charity - see what we did there!) every quarter which is close to our hearts. The ChariTEA is nominated by one of our Teabirds, they then choose a tea blend that reflects them or what they support and we donate the profits of the blend to their wonderful cause!

We raised £8,360.16 between July - September 2022 for Pelican Parcels.

This quarter (July - September 2022) our chosen ChariTEA is 'Pelican Parcels' - a local charity with a vision to create a community in which families and carers all have the essentials for their children.

The tea they chose as their blend is Monkey Chops. So every penny of profit from this blend from July to September 2022 will be donated to supporting the running of this incredible organisation! If you buy Monkey Chops online or in store this quarter, you can enjoy your brew knowing you're doing good too!


Pelican Parcels is a charity and baby bank based in Sussex. We take preloved and new item donations for babies and children up to age 10, and give them to families facing financial hardship.

The charity was set up in 2018 by Shelley and James Bennett who wanted to recycle their own children’s items to disadvantaged families and found that this service just didn’t exist locally.

We operate via referrals, so what that means is that health visitors, social workers, refugee and domestic violence charities can contact us. They fill out a form with what the family needs and we do our best to make up a lovely parcel as quickly as we can.

From young, vulnerable mums in emergency accommodation to parents who can’t afford to buy school uniforms, our vision is a community in which families and carers have all the essentials for their children.

We’re a small team with a dedicated group of big-hearted volunteers who all work really hard to supply families with the basics. We provide everything from cots, beds and clothes, toys and books, nappies and toiletries, to prams and highchairs for free.


  • We take donations at our busy warehouse in Hove and our marvellous team of volunteers help sort through items to make sure they're high quality, clean and safe.
  • We receive referrals and put together a ‘Pelican Parcel’ specific to the age and needs of the family. We also like to include toiletries, toys and books.
  • The parcel is then collected from our office and delivered to the family.
  • Already in 2022 we have helped over 1300 children and pregnant mums.

baby shoes from pelican parcels charity

We believe that the support we give is life-changing, not just because we provide practical items when they’re needed most, but also because of the message it carries. Someone cares, there is hope, there is kindness. And for some that message means everything.


  • Donating profits from our tea Monkey Chops.
  • Donation set up at checkout.
  • Donation set up in all our local stores.
  • Donating 3000 single serves to include in donations for parents.
  • In store collections for those who want to donate items to then go to local charities. 

For up to date announcements on the above events, how to get involved, and anything else we might be brewing up, check out our social media channels.


The easiest way to support 'Pelican' is to buy Monkey Chops Tea or donate some of your cuppa at the checkout but there are lots of other things you can do to help them out. You can help spread the word by sharing posts on social media, donate essentials to our local stores or or volunteer yourself. If you want to find out more information about this charity and how you can get involved click here.

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