Wellness Tea Guide

Life can get pretty hectic! From juggling a work/life balance to getting a good night's rest, we know that everyone is looking for something to help. And whilst we don't have the answer to everything, we do have some pretty magical teas to help get you on the right track!
lemon and ginger calming loose leaf tea

What is wellness tea?

People often ask us - "do you do wellness teas?" And to that we answer (while we aren't medical professionals) we do pack our blends full of naturally amazing ingredients, from calming chamomile, to energising yerba mate!

What is wellness tea good for?

What can tea help with? Everything! We're kidding - mostly... There's a Bird & Blend tea for everything - from sleep, to energy, to digestion. Tea can even create a wonderful self care exercise while preparing.

Wellness Tea Types

Sleepy Teas

These would be all of our naturally caffeine free teas, which include rooibos, fruit & herbal blends. We love making these blends as flavourful as possible, so you can drift off peacefully.

Energy Teas

This can be anything from a classic black tea, to a green tea or a yerba mate. Our selection of matcha is also full of slow releasing caffeine.

Wellbeing Teas

We have a whole host of teas with ingredients specifically selected for their potential health benefits. Our fan-fave the digester, is packed full of herbs to help with gut health, it's the perfect way to kickstart your tummy!

Winter warmer teas

We use a multitude of natural ingredients, from dried fruits, to freshly ground spices & wildflower honey, there's natural goodness in all our winter warmer teas.

moment of calm wellness tea collection
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