The Tea Remedies Guide

Feeling a little under the weather? We will never tell you that we have a miracle cure but we do know that tea makes everything better so if you need to take some time to reboot, relax or reset we have a range of teas to sip on whilst you get back on your feet. Certain tea blend ingredients have a long history of being restorative & this time of year lots of people look to them for nourishment. Whilst we do not create blends for specific health benefits we do have some brilliant blends that our customers really find help with their self care goals, from physical to spiritual we got you - and we make sure they taste great too! 

Wellness Tea

Does life seem hectic right now? Juggling so much all at once can take it out of us, and we need to remember to take some time for ourselves, for some self love & care. So join us in taking a moment to relax and unwind to help you balance every day, sleep restfully at night and soothe any worries away! Our relaxing range of teas are perfect for this, a mini moment of calm that can be shared, restorative & rejuvenating. They are all low in caffeine (or caffeine free) so you can have your moment any time of the day!

Relaxation Tea

Core Ingredients

Core Ingredients

Get up & go by awakening those senses to face whatever the day throws at you. Our best teas for an active lifestyle or working from home we recommend our yerba mate blends which are packed full of wake up herbs whilst our matcha green tea powders have a 3 x more powerful caffeine boost than an espresso shot! You got this!

Energy Tea

Core Ingredients



Cold Weather Warrior includes echinacea, eucalyptus & peppermint, that help provide our bodies with extra vitamin C, natural antibacterial properties, and soothing menthol to ease sore throats.

Ginger, oolong and fennel, The Digester tea gets great feedback from customers with metabolism and digestive issues on & from IBS sufferers in particular.

Good Kalmer is a herbal tea packed full of herbs like turmeric & ashwagandha and also caffeine free. Perfect for sipping any time of day. Better yet it takes like chocolate ginger nut biscuit.


Containing a naturally caffeine free infusion of rooibos, lavender & lemon, let these ingredients whisk you away to a relaxing slumber. A great blend to enjoy before bed, with or without milk.

Deckchair Dreaming is our top selling sleepytime tea. Chamomile is well-known for its calming and relaxing properties, which may help to improve the quality and duration of rest!

Duvet Day contains white tea & jasmine which is the perfect brew to be sipping on after a long day. So sit, relax & take your mind off everything. 

Wake up to Morning Kick for a morning boosting cup of lemon & ginger citrus tea. Grown in South America Yerba Maté, locals there say it gives you a boost equal to caffeine but without the crash later on. Think light & resfreshing, with a kick of ginger, it's a supercharged take on the classic lemon & ginger.

Matcha green tea is a great alternative to coffee in the morning as it contains 3 x the caffeine boost to coffee but with L-theanine to smooth out the mid morning jitters! Lemon matcha is a refreshing way to start your morning off with its zesty flavour.

Worker Tea is based with Yerba Mate blend with honeybush and lemon to give you the right boost to get you started. This is the perfect reflection of a beautiful day - sweet, bright, & energising!

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