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Let Them Eat Cake Cocktail Recipe

A deliciously more-ish concoction of cakey vanilla notes, sweet and creamy coconut and aromatic rose flavours. Our Wedding Cake rooibos blend with added sprinkles of buttery popped rice is cold brewed in coconut milk and served with a lavish splash of coconut liquor. 

let them eat cake wedding cake tea cocktail

Serves: 1

What you will need:

          What to do:

          1. Cold brew Wedding Cake tea in coconut milk overnight 
          2. Add ice & a double shot of coconut liquor to a glass (optional)
          3. Add a teaspoon of sweetener (we use a few pumps of vanilla syrup!)
          4. Fill the rest of the glass with cold brew liquid
          5. Stir nicely!
          6. Sprinkle with rose petals to garnish & enjoy!

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          Download this recipe and our other Wedding Cocktail recipes here.

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