Dine In Duldge  Blueberry Cured Salmon, Lemon Curd Cream,  Savoy & Dill Oil

Dineinduldge Blueberry Cured Salmon Recipe

Dine Indulge Blueberry Cured Salmon

Blueberry & Peach Tea infused Salmon, have you ever heard anything like it? DineInduldge offers a unique & truly special private chef experience brought direct to you. Combining a personal chef hire service with restaurant quality cuisine, DineIndulge is designed to be affordable, accessible & simple for you to book wherever you are. If you fancy going a little wild with how you like to taste your tea then this DineInduldge Blueberry Cured Salmon, Lemon Curd Cream, Savoy & Dill Oil recipe is definitely the perfect dish for you. DineIndulge has taken tea as we know it to the next level with this decadent, high end recipe that's also super affordable and fun to make at home.Blueberry Cured Salmon, Lemon Curd Cream, Savoy & Dill Oil



    • 1⁄2 side salmon
    • 2 beetroot
    • 250g frozen blueberries
    • 80g Bird & Blend Blueberry & Peach Tea
    • 75g flaky sea salt
    • 75g golden caster sugar
    • 1 tsp black peppercorn, roughly crushed
    • zest of 1 lemon
    • 20g dill roughly chopped

Lemon Cream:

    • 50g Lemon Curd

    • 300ml double cream

Dill Oil:

    • 20g dill

    • 20g parsley

    • 200ml oil

    • 4 savoy cabbage leaves

Dine In Duldge  Blueberry Cured Salmon, Lemon Curd Cream, Savoy & Dill Oil


  1. Salmon:
    • Grate the beetroot into a bowl.
    • Crush the blueberries and Bird & Blend Blueberry & Peach Tea into the bowl so they burst and release the juices.
    • Add all of the ingredients and mix well.
    • Lay a double layer of cling film on a flat surface, and spread half of the mix onto the cling film.
    • Lay salmon on top of the mix and lay remaining mix on top of salmon.
    • Pull the cling film tightly over the top, and wrap so that it is sealed tightly with no air bubbles.
    • Lay on a tray and add additional tray on top of salmon to weigh down slightly & place in the fridge for two days.

2. Dill Oil:

    • Bring a pan of water to boil with a pinch of salt.
    • Add herbs to the water and cook until stalks are green and tender.
    • Drain and run under cold water / plunge into iced water to stop the cooking process.
    • Squeeze the water from herbs as much as possible.
    • Add herbs to oil and blitz.
    • Drain in a cloth overnight in the fridge and oil will slowly come through.
    • Discard the solids and put the oil in a clean squeezy bottle. Keep refrigerated until needed. 

    3. Salmon:

      • Wash off the blueberry mix and slice into 7mm slices, discarding the end pieces as they will be very salty.

    4. Lemon Cream:

      • Whip to soft peaks, place in a piping bag or bowl and leave in the fridge to set slightly.

    5. Cabbage:

      • Take 4 large leaves from the cabbage.
      • Bring a pan of water to the boil with a pinch of salt, then add the cabbage leaves for 10 seconds.
      • Remove and put into cold / ice water to stop the cooking process.
      • Use a circular cutter to cut 2 / 3 circles per person.
      • Drizzle with a little oil and cracked black pepper before serving.

       Dine In Duldge  Blueberry Cured Salmon, Lemon Curd Cream,  Savoy & Dill OilFancy your self as a bit of a chef? Why not give this delicious DineIndulge recipe a go at home! Make sure to show us your creations by tagging us @birdandblendtea and @dineindulge. And if you like this recipe then head over to their website to find more!

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