Wholesale Quick Order Service FAQ's

Download the Wholesale Price Guide PDF here.

How do I become a Wholesale Partner?

We love working with other independent businesses to spread the tea love, so if you have an amazing cafe, restaurant, farm shop (or anything else!), get in touch! We like to make sure that we're the perfect fit for all of our Wholesale Partners, so it would be fantastic if we could hear a bit more about you - if you could send over as much information as possible about your business, as well as any links to your website and social media pages that would be fantastic. Get in touch here.

How to shop wholesale?

Our Wholesale Partners can shop in 3 ways once set up:

  • By giving Vic Holt, our Wholesale Account Manager a call on 01273 325523.
  • By emailing us an order at vic.h@birdandblendtea.com, we will then send you an invoice payment link to complete.
  • Through the website with our Quick Order Form which can be found in your account area after logging in.

What are the shipping charges & how long will it take?

  • There is no minimum order spend, but please note that there is a minimum order quantity on Tea Tools and Retail Packs.
  • We offer free shipping on all UK orders over £80 or at a flat rate of £6.95 for orders under £80.
  • If you complete payment on a working day, we will try our best to get it out the same day (stock dependent) We don't guarantee same day dispatch and we aim to dispatch your order within 3 working days.
  • We ship Monday to Friday with the DHL Next Working Day delivery service.
  • If you are an international customer, please email us directly at vic.h@birdandblendtea.com

How do I use the Quick Order Form?

Our Quick Order Form is designed so you can order quickly. All the wholesale sizes are located in the same place, and these products are exclusive to Wholesale partners so you won’t find these sizes on the public facing website. 

If you would like to use the Quick Order Form please follow the below steps.

  1. Log into the website with the account that has been set up as a wholesale account.
  2. Go into your account area, by clicking ACCOUNT in the menu side bar.
  3. Once you are in your account area, click the link saying VIEW QUICK ORDER FORM.
  4. Within this is our wholesale offering. The products are split into categories along the top of the form, which reflect the wholesale price guide.
  5. Most of our items have different size or colour variants. To see a product's options, use the eye icon.
  6. Once you have added the items you would like to purchase, you can view your basket with the VIEW CART button at the bottom of the page.
  7. In your Cart, you will see a summary of your order.
You can now:
  • Amend your quantities. We would suggest you revise your total order and subtotal at this point.
  • Add a note to your order at the foot of the cart page.
  • Continue to Checkout.

8. At checkout, check your shipping address and complete the order by selecting Pay Now.

Please note: any VAT applicable will be shown on your order confirmation. 

How do I find the quick order form?

Key information which may be helpful:

  • This can only be accessed via your account area and you must be logged in with the email that is connected to your wholesale account.
  • If you are logged in and you still can't see the Quick Order Form button please click our live chat (bottom right).
  • Failing this, you can email us at info@birdandblendtea.com or Vic directly at vic.h@birdandblendtea.com.

Can I find our mote information on your wholesale prices?

If you would like to find out more information about our wholesale prices, please fill in the information form linked here. Vic our Wholesale Account Manager will be delighted to send over our Wholesale prices directly.

We wholesale bulk tea for hospitality use, our Wholesale Prices start at 1kg Loose Leaf, 100 Tea Bags and 50 Single Serves. We also sell retail packs which have a MOQ in place. If you would like smaller sizes, please contact Vic directly.

What is the VAT on tea?

Key important points about VAT & Prices

  • Any discounted prices are inclusive of VAT - note tea is zero-rated
  • Any VAT applicable to your order will be shown on the order confirmation
  • No VAT showing on your order confirmation? This means all items in your order are zero-rated

When using our Quick Order Form, you will see discounted prices where we offer wholesale prices. These discounted prices are inclusive of VAT and any VAT will be shown on the order confirmation. Tea is a zero-rated product so if your order contains only tea products, no VAT will be shown. If your order contains teaware, the current VAT rate will be added to your order confirmation for these items.

What is the difference between single serves & tea parcels?

The difference between single serves and tea parcels is an excellent question.
So our tea parcels are bulk tea bags suitable for a catering or hospitality environment typically, they are large multipacks and are delivered in pouches of 100 or 1000, we also sell our silver display tins for storage if you would like. This is what most of our hospitality customers use for in-house serving of the teas.

Single serves are individually wrapped tea bags with all the information the consumer would need including brewing instructions and allergens. They are used in lots of scenarios but are regularly used in hotel rooms, added to orders, subscriptions and so on.

Do you sell retail packs?

We absolutely do offer our Retail Packs for our Wholesale Partners.
These are currently not available via the Quick Order Form so please contact us to place an order.

We offer 3 retail products:

  • 15 Tea Parcel Gift Pack with 15 of our premium tea parcels.
  • 50g Loose Leaf Gift Pack with 50g of loose leaf tea.
  • 150g Tin with 150g loose leaf tea.

The 15 Gift Packs & 50g Gift Packs are made from recyclable card and the lining cello is made from renewable wood pulp and are 100% compostable. Therefore completely plastic free, including our actual tea bags being compostable and plastic free too! The 150g Tea Tins are recyclable and the liner is compostable. These are on page 7 of the price guide and have a MOQ of 10 per blend.

Iced Teas Vs Cold Brewing in a hospitality environment

Iced teas are such a fantastic option to serve in your business, they are a great way to offer something different and experiment with your blends.

We would recommend going down an iced tea route over cold brewing due to the amount of time needed for this. As cold brews require at the minimum 4 hours to brew (they can also take up a fair bit of room in the fridge!). Cold brewing is fabulous for an at home experience, but may not be best suited to a hospitality environment.

We have a very helpful video on how to make an Iced tea for our B2B customers:

You apply this method to any blend.

The information is also written below for your reference..

In our stores we make concentrate ahead of time, this can be stored for 3 days (we just use a chalk pen to take note of the date we make it on) this uses 4 teaspoons of tea in one of our Regular Brewdinis which is 450ml (or 8 in one of our XL sized) and brew for the specified of time and temperature depending on the base of the blend.

To make an iced tea we follow a recipe like this Strawberry Lemonade, we find this does around 3 iced teas per concentrate, so is a lot quicker to fulfil customer orders.

Which teas can I make into an Iced Tea?

You can apply the above method to any blend! Most of the blends work great iced, it's just a case of finding the perfect pairing.

Black blends - Wonderful with lemonade, cream soda or milk/s, we love oat milk for a lighter flavour or coconut milk if you want something sweeter!
Green blends - Fantastic with lemonade or sparkling water.
Yerba Mate blends - Refreshing with lemonade or sparkling water.
Fruit blends (naturally caffeine free) - At their best with lemonade or sparkling water - a few blends like Eton Mess are great with milk (think a healthy milkshake)!
Rooibos blends (naturally caffeine free) - Fabulous with milk/s, we find oat gives a cakey taste.

What is a tea latte?

Tea lattes are another way to experiment with your teas and serve speciality drinks with ease.

Any blend which works well with milk will probably make a lovely tea latte! We find this is mostly black and rooibos blends of tea. From a Chocolate Digestives latte to Apple Strudel, they are a great way to try out something new with your blends.

The most popular type of tea latte is, of course, a chai latte.
We make ours with our signature chai, Gingerbread Chai, this has won a Great Taste Award and we find it is the perfect introduction to Chai blends for lots of customers. It's amazing brewed as a latte with oat milk, maple syrup or honey and some cinnamon sprinkled on top is the perfect final touch. This also works well iced too.

Below is a video on how to make the perfect Gingerbread Chai latte:

When making a tea latte, we would recommend following the above information,by making a concentrate first and having this ready you can make a latte super quickly.

Essentially think of the concentrate as an espresso shot. Use 150ml of your concentrated tea and then top up with warmed milk, then if you prefer something sweeter you can add vanilla syrup, maple syrup or honey to your drink too.

You can also use this method for an iced latte by not warming the milk and serving over ice.

What is matcha?

If you are new to matcha and would like some more information about it, we would recommend our YouTube video all about matcha here.

Our best selling matcha blends are Pure Grade, which is an unflavoured, ceremonial grade of matcha, Super, which is a blueberry and acai berry matcha and Ice Cream, a vanilla matcha, these are especially popular with our wholesale partners. However, we have a huge range of flavours for you to explore.

Our tried and tested matcha recipes can be found on our website here.
Some of our best selling matchas in store include our Ice Cream Matcha Latte, which consists of our Ice Cream Matcha, and oat milk, and if you would like a little sweetness some vanilla is a great addition.

For a more autumnal feel, try a Gingernut Matcha Latte made using Gingernut Matcha and oat milk.

Or for something more summery and refreshing, nothing beats some of our Lemon Matcha blended into lemonade with a fresh slice of lemon and ice cubes added.

For any additional support with recipes, please contact us directly, we are always happy to support you further.

Do you offer decaf black tea?

We currently don't do black ‘decaf’ blends due to the chemical process. After this process, which is harmful to the environment, the tea is also not actually 100% caffeine free - hence the term "decaf" instead of caffeine free.

The most common decaffeination method involves soaking tea leaves in a chemical solvent–either ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. When the tea goes through a decaffeination process, caffeine will always remain within its chemical structure.

Therefore, we direct customers to our rooibos blends. They can be served with milk and are a great caffeine free alternative (our Rooibos Breakfast Cuppa is our most popular alternative), or, of course there are herbal or fruit teas as well. We prefer to stick with blends which are naturally caffeine free as we believe they taste better, are better for the planet and we also have the biggest selection in the whole of the UK too.

For any further questions at all, please do contact us at info@birdandblendtea.com or vic.h@birdandblendtea.com