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History of sticky chai

An Indian family tradition, Masala Chai or ‘spiced tea’ is a sweet but spiced black tea brewed in milk. The recipe is personal to each family, originally put together with spices from Grandma’s cupboard and passed down through the generations.

The best chai is always made from spices that have been freshly ground or chopped as the flavour, aroma and benefits are at their most potent. However, taking the time to prepare an authentic chai can pose a problem when trying to fit it into your busy daily routine.

1. Pick your Sticky Chai! 

2. Measure 2 heaped teaspoons 

3. Add to your chosen milk & heat (either in the microwave or stove) 

4. Sieve out the Sticky Chai 

5. Decorate your drink

6. Sipy, sip & enjoy!


‘Wow this is amazing tea! I have wanted to buy this for a while and so glad I did! I love chai teas but this is another level! Have only tried heating on stove with coconut milk so far, highly recommend using this milk with this tea. Looking forward to trying with oat milk and trying cold brewed.’ - Amanda


‘I love Chai, especially sticky Chai. I have it instead of my normal tea in autumn and winter. I find it makes me feel all warm and cosy on those cold nights. I normally make mine with oat milk on the stove, it's a real treat.’ - Hayley 


‘I love this chai hot with oat milk and a little extra honey, it's so comforting. Also I found that cold brewing it totally enhances the flavours, it really brings out the spices. I will definitely be buying again. My new favourite!’ - Sue

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