Secret Santa

Your challenge, if you choose to accept... find the perfect gift for your secret santa without giving away who you are!
We got you, find the perfect Secret Santa gift at the right price in our unique range! 

Gifts for £5

Gifts for under £10

Gifts for under £15

Mega-Latte Kits

£4.75     Shop Now >>>

Dozy Girl Bath Bomb

£5.00     Shop Now >>>

Christmas Chocolate

£5.00      Shop Now >>>

Christmas Tea Bag Gift

£6.65     Shop Now >>>

Tea Towel/ Eco Fabric Wrap

£8.50      Shop Now >>>

Christmas Pudding Tea Bombs

£7.50      Shop Now >>>

Craft Beer Gift Box

£14.50      Shop Now >>>

Christmas Sticky Chai

£10.50      Shop Now >>>

Mulled Wine Tea Powder

£15.00      Shop Now >>>

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