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How do you cold brew tea?



Making your hydrating tea is very simple to do. All you need is a Cold Brew Tea Bottle and a tasty tea of your choice and you can make all kinds of recipes!

  1. Add 4-6 Perfect Tea Spoons of your Loose Leaf Tea into your Cold Brew Tea Bottle.
  2. Fill up your Tea Bottle with cold water. Alternatively you can use: any kind of milk, soda water, fizzy water, lemonade or alcohol!
  3. Some cold brewers like to add extra fruits or herbs like mint. 
  4. Leave your tea to brew for 4-6 hours or even overnight.
  5. Pour into a glass and enjoy your yummy cold brew tea!
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What is cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea is created using tea leaves and/or herbal infusions steeped using cold water rather than hot. Cold brewing is a fun way to create your own bespoke iced tea infusions by steeping our delicious tea blends and the best bit, it’s so easy to do. You can cold brew our tea blends with any kind of milk, sparkling drinks or alcohol; the list goes on!

Cold brewing originated in the southern states of America, where they would traditionally leave tea leaves in a water bottle out in the sun to slowly infuse. Interestingly, cold brewed iced teas tend to taste a little sweeter and less astringent than those brewed with hot water.


Who says you have to drink tea hot? Our cold brew teas are so tasty and sugar free so are perfect for the whole family and are a great way to stay refreshed & hydrated!

This summery drink uses less energy than a hot brew or classic iced tea because you're cutting out the kettle by brewing straight in your cold water. Plus, the Cold Brew Tea Bottle, with built in infuser, is made from tempered glass so is reusable, unlike iced teas which come in single-use plastic bottles. Double win!

The best teas to cold brew with

Fruit Teas make a deliciously refreshing cold brew tea, but you can cold brew with any kind of tea you like! Some of our favourite refreshing Cold Brew Tea flavours are Strawberry Lemonade, MojiTEA, and Jelly & Ice Cream and we’d recommend you give these a go first. However, once you’ve dipped your toe into cold brewing there is an unlimited number of tea blends & liquids that you can mix & match!

Get tips & tricks by popping into a store and chatting to our expert Tea Mixologists or look at our recipes for some inspiration!


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